Natco Ingredients uses specialist machinery for spice grinding.

We can grind bulk material that you provide us with, or alternatively, we can provide you with the whole spices product which can then be put through the spice grinder.

Please get in contact with us concerning your requirements.


Natco Ingredients has state of the art blending facilities delivering bespoke Spices, Seasonings and Ingredients Blends.

Natco Recipes

We have an extensive range of existing Natco blends for all popular seasonings and different cuisines.

We have allergen-free recipes.

We use the highest quality products, which are packed for our Natco Foods branch of the business.

Bespoke Blends

We can create blends using your existing recipes and requirements, with 100% guaranteed consistency. We can use our existing recipes as a base and adapt them to your liking. Alternatively, we can start from scratch using our product development expertise to create a completely novel and unique blend, just for you. Work together on the development process by sending you samples of different blend possibilities and get feedback on what exactly you need.

We can also pack your blends into your own-label packaging before sending it back to you, making our blending service even more convenient.

We guarantee confidentiality concerning bespoke blends.

For peace of mind, we can negotiate a contract of keeping certain stock levels of your blends in our warehouse. Develop seasonal blends, for example, at Christmas time.